Destiny 2: Bungie Reveals Extensive Plans For Update

The new The Destiny 2 news sounds is the most ambitious effort by the developers to date. Bungie Inc is pulling on all strings to ensure that the players get what they deserve!

They have been in talks with several reporters shedding light on their work and here is a complete report that compiles all the advances the players can expect.

Though there was a lot released on the Destiny 2 showcase last week, there is a lot more than what meets the eye.

Apart from new content, be it the story, mission, or loot possibilities. The studio has promised fundamental changes to the gameplay mechanics. It is truly a wonderful time for this sprawling loot shooter!

Destiny 2 Bungie Reveals Extensive Plans For Update

The new expansion will feature a True Detective-inspired Throne World consisting of eerie swamps, gothic cathedrals, creepy forests, and mysterious black pyramid aliens.

It will provide players with a new legendary campaign mode where they could explore this location on a harder difficulty. The area consists of a new enemy type called Hive Guardian.

It can wield light subclass abilities and have ghosts that revive them after a short time if not demolished quickly.

Joe Blackburn, the game director said, “We want it to feel like you’re fighting something that you understand.

A new alien race hasn’t been introduced in the game since 2018 and this new one will surely bring excitement to the whole quest.

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Hive Guardians seem like they will drastically alter combat encounters.

Bungie wants the campaign to feel more like the Halo, Hood, and latest Doom games. The campaign had some great moments in the last couple of releases but this update will fix the mechanics pacing-wise.

The missions will have significantly more exploration aspects with better combats. Witch Queen update will enable players to craft weapons as they move along an epic journey.

The players would be able to make all versions of the gun by the time they are capable of assuming as a god.

Destiny 2 Bungie Reveals update extensive Plans

It also introduces a new secondary weapon type called the Give which will allow players to get in close and kill a Ghost, while still being able to stab enemies.

Moreover, the existing Solar, Arc. And Void subclasses will be transformed into a Fragment/Aspect system to offer players more freedom to mix and match abilities.

Bungie has confirmed it is working on a new darkness subclass for the next to next version named Light Fall coming out in 2023!

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Destiny 2 will now be getting a new raid/dungeon every three months approximately. It commences with a brand new dungeon releasing on the 30th Anniversary of Bungie in December.

An old raid will be returning as well with new twists. Blackburn hinted towards it being either King’s Fall or Wrath of the Machine by stating it would be “a banger”.

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Bungie Inc pitched this expansion as the second installment in a trilogy last summer. But a recent announcement stated that there will be a fourth expansion called The Final Shape.

The developers realized that they won’t be able to wrap up such an incredible story in three titles.

Joe in the end added that The Final Shape will officially conclude the 10-year plan for Destiny. Though the game will continue after that, the team has still not decided how the process will go on.

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