Eastward Video Game is set in a world where a man and his adopted daughter find their way through an eccentric post-apocalyptic world. Eastward gameplay looks like a pixelated old-school RPG but it’s gorgeous in detail when it comes to the environment of the game and it just looks like a Studio Ghibli Movie.

So, our main characters from the game include- John, a silent protagonist who is wrapped in messy hair and a bushy beard, whereas we also get to see Sam, an awfully aggressive girl with extreme psychic powers and is a trouble-seeker.

They both are very loveable characters from the game. They set off from their home under extreme conditions and find their ways…eastward. The switching between these two characters in their journey is cute as well as dangerous as they travel in this post-apocalyptic small town.

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As you play the game, you get to travel through different stories and meet new people and explore the story of the people you meet. The trekking phase to the east side is linear and the areas that you explore are like little dungeons with flourishing paths that can help you find your way as you battle out your way fighting monsters and solving puzzles.


Eastward’s genuine option is its world. The pixel art landscape is so creative and is packed with so much detailing that you can often find yourself getting lost looking at the city streets or the railway station. The laundry detailing is also beautiful between buildings, boats overturned, and the countryside view distance from train windows.

The game has such a beautiful rendition of a world that it resembles real-life studio ghibli film and its classic RPG gives you immense experience. It all comes down to the soundtrack of the game which was pretty average but is good enough to keep you hooked into the game.

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The other characters of the Eastward video game have a great animation that comes with hundreds of personalities. They are a cast of extremely perfectly designed characters who all have something or the other thing unique to them with their own animation style.

The style and personality of these characters are very wild and it varies from rough hands to a trio of cheerful aunties and a sleepy small-town mayor.

The best Eastward video game moment is smiling at the guy who is meditating on a roof as you pass by the town. I don’t know why he’s smiling, but he seems to be super happy in the game.

It’s so soothing to watch that the characters are so much appealing because in this Eastward game review I am going to decrypt the flaws of this game i.e. its writing. The dialogues of the characters are a hit-or-miss case with a few cliches here and there.

Honestly, the writing does not know its limit to stop, and it doesn’t let the movement convey the words. Dialogues that should be appearing in the background gameplay, are popping up in a bubble that requires a button to move the game forward.

Eastward gameplay fights are normal action and mostly the enemy can be defeated with cautious movements from John’s frying pan. Exploring the game and combat fights are the major highlights of this game.


The enemies are very weird for example a giant frog person, plants with tentacles, or ultra-difficult zombies and they all have got their own attack pattern. Simple isn’t always bad. It is cool to weave around your attacks, hit mutants with a frying pan, and even blow their brains out with a shotgun.

Eastward gameplay other characters like Sam: she solves puzzles the best. She cannot be used in combat as she is useless there but her ability to put monsters in a frozen bubble comes in handy quite a few times. 

The boss and the super-boss of the game are cherries on top of the game. To defeat them your character must have both the finesse and the switching between the ability of John’s powers and Sam’s powers.

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I hope this eastward game review would be a one-stop destination for you all to ultimately decide to go for this game or not. It’s a delightful journey from start till the end, Eastward has attractive characters, amazing locations, and self-contained stories that are ironically dark and funny.

This simple game has easy combats, relaxing puzzles to keep you hooked into the world of eastward. The gameplay also keeps you absorbed into the game as it is high-paced, and it has a long upbeat that will carry you on in this game from start till the finishing line.

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