Hood: Outlaws And Legends Review| Robinhood Experience

A PvPvE (Person vs Person vs Environment) game that pits two teams against each other and the environment. The objective is to steal the gold and this can be done either quietly or with a bang! Hood: Outlaws And Legends feature great NPC mechanics and astonishing medieval surroundings.

PvE mode was launched recently giving players the option to concentrate more on strategizing and stealth. Smartness and coordination are paramount in this quest!

Developed by Sumo Newcastle and published by Focus Home Interactive, this game is being deemed as Robinhood meets Game Of Thrones.

Pickpocket a key off of the Sheriff, open a vault, and steal a chest. All of this while defending against the keen AI guards and the violent opponent team. The group that escapes with the chest and extracts the gold first wins. 

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There are four types of members that the players playing in a team can choose from. The first is Robin, a marksman and the second is Marianne, who is a lethal, offensive powerhouse.

The third is John, who is a brawler, a good option to lift heavy gates. Lastly, there is Tooke, who can deal effective damage with a flail and heal the team. Select the right one for each gamer.

The entire game relied on multiplayer battle fun which got a little mundane after playing for a certain period of time. Many a time, the opponents use to blow off the cover and prolong the quest unnecessarily.

There was also an issue of who deserves the gold, the team who did all the work, or the one who just swept it off at the last moment. The PvE mode addressed it.

Now, the players who are not fond of going against online bullies and love stealth encounters can enjoy the game. This new introduction called ‘State Heist’ actually turned the tide for this game.

Players are in love with it as it offers a good challenge. The thrill of going against AI guards in metal suits, ready to kill the quest gives an ideal adrenaline rush to the alert players.

The game has amazing artwork and brilliant graphics. Each character has its exclusive look and feel. The sound is great as well giving the perfect tempo to different parts of the heist.

The game offers five maps to play across, ranging from medium to large in size. Every element clicks bringing the whole stealth gaming experience together harmoniously.

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The locations in the game are inspired by real-world castles like Dover, Lindisfarne, and Bamburgh. The player can upgrade characters using a variety of consumables, specials, perks.

Better weapons bought with in-game gold, or by spending actual money. The process to snatch victory is easy to comprehend, but it is the unpredictability that makes it all so alluring.

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The PvE mode is better than the PvEvP mode for beginners and a pretty good way to spend quality time with your close ones as it brings forth guttural action and requires tactical engagement. Communication is key in this well-structured heist gameplay. The overall sense of urgency keeps you on the edge of your seat. A must-play game for hardcore gamers!

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