How Video Games Can Make Life Better? Proven Benefits (October 2021)

Video games have come a long way since the legendary arcade titles of the 1970s and with it, the debate of whether they are a good or bad influence has stayed alive. While there still isn’t enough evidence that games are hurting society, there is plenty that they are beneficial.

Several pieces of research have concluded that short periods of video gaming can evolve brain activity and significantly improve attention skills. Note that we are promoting healthy gaming habits which mean an hour of playtime daily and not extended sessions of it.

Video games can ameliorate a range of cognitive skills such as spatial navigation, reasoning, memory, and perception. Moreover, they can also help children develop problem-solving skills, much-needed expertise in today’s fast-paced world.

They increase dexterity and reaction times as several gameplay aspects require players to focus on rapid movement. Many titles encourage coordination and strategy building like Hood: Outlaws And Legends, Call Of Duty, DOTA, and more.

There is a possibility that they can notably boost creativity levels as well. The long-term benefits of gaming are as follows.

  • Better Social Skills
  • Cognitive Development
  • Good Attention Span
  • Mental Stability
  • Improve Persistence
How Video Games Can Make Life Better? Proven Benefits (October 2021)
Benefits of Playing video games

Check the reasons why video games are good for you in detail below:

1. Better Social Skills

Video games have turned out to be a great conversation starter and regular sessions lead to lifelong bonds. There are better chances of you making friends over game time than in normal situations. The content stimulates people to form strong connections so that they can perform better and dominate.

Winning is like the incentive you get for good communication. Sources state that playing online games with strangers is a great way to begin overcoming social anxiety.

Many have observed that friendships formed while gaming is one of the best unions of life.

2. Cognitive Development

It is truly a workout for your mind disguised as fun, as the level of concentration advances mental agility. The changing situation in the game keeps the frontal lobe of the brain on the edge making it stronger.

As you move forwards towards more difficult zones, the mind gets trained in information processing, intelligence, reasoning, and memory.

Constant utilization of these aspects strengthens them but remember not to go overboard as it may damage the cells.

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3. Good Attention Span

The researchers observed that the expert gamers had more brain activity associated with attention than the non-experts. Regular gaming results in improved selective focus and better awareness.

Gamers can pick out changes in the environment faster than normal people and are also good at grasping knowledge because of great attentiveness.

The brain becomes capable of consciously seeking relevant visual data while suppressing less fitting particulars.

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4. Mental Stability

Video games can uplift mood and incite better heart rhythms relieving stress. A good session of gaming alone or with friends is capable of draining the cooped-up frustration from the workday and helps calm down the nerves.

Games have been used in therapy for over a decade as they induce a sense of satisfaction and often surge in dopamine, a brain chemical responsible for pleasure.

Sources state that the right amount of game time can assist in balancing life affairs.

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5. Improve Persistence

Lastly, gaming can teach people to be more assertive and to work towards their vision, treating each misstep as another learning opportunity. As players go through missions, they experience downfalls and get back up again to fight and move forward.

This creates a community that is up for challenges and does not fear failing. Video games assisting in forging a progressive society.

So, how about you play as much as you can?

Conclusively, video games are beneficial on a variety of levels. Of course, we must emphasize that, like anything else, games should be consumed in moderation to sustain such benefits. Having to stay up all night, every night, to combat zombies? It’s possible that this isn’t the best thing for your health.

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