How Long To Beat Sifu- Important Tips And Top Skills

Sifu is an engaging game where you will seek revenge at a young age and will finish all the levels skilfully. It has appealing mechanics that make it a unique game and it’s significant to have a thorough knowledge. You might wonder how long to beat Sifu? 

Well, it usually takes 7-10 hours provided you are quite marvelous at the game. There are some Sifu tips and tricks that can budge the balance and aid you to defeat the game with exigent campaigns. Let’s go through the 9 useful Sifu tips to master the art of kung fu:

Sifu tips 


In the sifu game, avoiding opponent attacks is significant otherwise strikes from foe will pull you down. You can take the help of guard capability to soak up punishment. If you tap the left analog stick before the strike of the opponent, you will shift your body and blow can be avoided.

After that, you can do a counterattack and it is a crucial move to knock down Sifu bosses. When an adversary attacks with a gleaming red body, you are required to overcome damages.

Practice a lot

Do not even consider that you can step down with a dozen strong gangsters and succeed. There is a concise wooden training post in the corner of the Wuguan base. This takes you to a mystic red room where you train in the opposite of an AI enemy.

Herein, you can remember some combos and be comfy with the time limit to avoid attacks. You can set your wrangling partner as aggressive or passive. This enables you to practice combos without getting disrupted during the procedure.

Concentrate on everlasting unlocks

In one of these Sifu tips, Sifu manages unlocks diversely from other games. To unlock an upgrade permanently, you must purchase it five times from the skill tree. You should choose your upgrades from the beginning and then unlock them. Don’t increase your XP purchasing many abilities as you will tend to lose when you get to age 70 and die. 

Keep distance between enemies

The first level flings you in a warehouse to face several gangsters. Trying to knock off numerous opponents is not a cakewalk. The best sifu tip is to move around the areas in which you fight and leap over barriers. Try to maintain distance between you and foe and combat against the adversaries.

Sifu Skills

Carry weapon always

When combating with your hands in the Sifu game feels good, blending enemies into a pulp with a wooden staff is recommended. Many huge spaces require weapons so be cautious. Ensure to deal with rivals who exert blunt instruments primarily.

After entering a room full of enemies, assure to find any weapons you didn’t get the first time. This can give you a lot of advantages particularly if you face sifu bosses. With this tip, you will be able to easily crack the game and you wouldn’t think about how long to beat sifu. Find out How many levels are in sifu from our latest blog.

Turn the tables against Fajar 

Fajar in the second phase obtains a sharp knife that can do gruesome kind of damage in seconds. Nevertheless, you can turn the tables by getting wooden bats in the back corner of the region. Hitting Fajar with a weapon will deplete his health bar and seize the weapon when he is hidden in the bamboo.

Repeat levels to reduce your age

Repeating levels is imperative in the Sifu game due to its aging aspects. When you die, your character gets a little old and you will begin new levels at the age you finished the prior one.

In-depth search for shortcuts and secrets

You can always unlock shortcuts that let you clear important parts of the levels. For instance, after you beat The Skull Brothers in the first level, you will get certain keys. After replays, you will be able to unlock the Avenue door during the initial level. This directs you to the warehouse and you can get to the boss after just one fight.

Ensure to discover each area methodically to get secret items quickly. Nonetheless, avoiding sizable level chunks doesn’t imply you will earn a few XP and unlock some upgrades.

The leg sweep is quite efficient

The final Sifu tip is to be an expert in the leg sweep. It is efficient in facing damages and crowd control. When you have an opponent on the floor, you can hit them twice from the ground itself. This move is importantly remarkable and few players are stating it useful.

Sifu tips

How are Sifu skills effective?

One of the accurate ways to generate your playstyle is by choosing the Sifu skills you will use against your opponents. Selecting the apt skills can be a daunting task and it demands experience to unlock them. You will obtain experience from slaughtering enemies and can use it at shrines, at the tree in your house, or in death.

Every skill has an upper limit as per the coins on your accessory. It denotes that you need to consider your age to keep wide options accessible. Below mentioned is the list of the ages and skills:

Up to 70 age

  • Sweep Focus: A focus strike that kills an enemy in the knee.
  • 360 Swing Focus: A staff focus attack that is meant for damage and can bang foe in a broad region.
  • Spin Hook Kick: A combo that ends with a strong high kick and lays off enemies.
  • Stimulating Backfist: A punch that can bewilder enemies
  • Snap Kick: A speedy kick that initiates your forwards.

Up to 60 age

  • Seize Weapon: This enables you to dodge to seize weapons thrown upon you. 
  • Face Smash Focus: A focused attack that shoves a bat into opponent’s face
  • Pushback Cancel: Strike guard to prevent yourself from being pushed back and recover your balance
  • Ground Counter: This allows you to counter attacks being on the ground.
  • Environmental Mastery: Gives you the capability to throw stuff off the ground at opponents.

Up to 50 age

  • Double Palm Focus: A focused attack which enables you to push an enemy quite hard
  • Flowing Claw: A hasty attack that permits you to move backward at the similar time
  • Duck Strike: Attacks when ducking. 
  • Chasing Strikes: Permits you to follow-up a pushed opponent with a series of quick strikes
  • Crooked Foot: This sifu skill will help you bang opponents with a throw after dodging them.

Up to 40 age

  • Vertical Strikes Focus: A focus strike that strikes a foe in the solar plexus to astonish them
  • Hook Intercept: A hook attack that averts you from flinches.
  • Invert Throw: Enables you to switch places with an opponent after hitting them
  • Chasing Trip Kick: Hit a pushed foe and knock them off.
  • Crotch Punch: A speedy strike that lets you duck down when you attack

Up to 30 age

  • Raining Strikes A combo that ends with many fast blows.
  • Thigh Cut Focus: A focus strike with a bladed weapon that hits the opponents leg
  • Slide Kick: Enables you to do a sliding kick which can knock off opponents.
  • Weapon Mastery: Permits you to use weapons for a long time 
sifu bosses

Which are the best Sifu skills?

These five sifu skills will let you capably complete the game at a young age:

  • Snap Kick
  • Ground Counter
  • Weapon Catch
  • Environmental Mastery
  • Crotch Punch
  • Pushback Cancel

How to defeat Sifu bosses?

To defeat the Botanist boss, try to avoid Fajar’s attacks and initiate walking back. He will take numerous trips at this stage but you won’t be punished if you go down. This trick won’t make you speculate for how long to beat sifu. Now, the second boss-Sean the fighter boss will be engaged in a sweeping trip and in attacks. The only effectual weapon is patience to conquer sifu bosses. When the third boss – The Artist generates distance, duck her thrown blades by scurrying sideways, and then evade when she comes to attack. Use a mixture of dodges for The CEO boss and she will hang around after a combo.

Till then you have time to dash in and beat her. Observe her poses before low attacks so that you are prepared to jump over them. Focus attacks are not pertinent on Yang – The Leader fifth boss. Take one weapon and strike him to commence the fight. Yang behaves like a regular sifu boss and you must be proficient in how to avoid or dart his combos. You might be willing to leap more here and wait for him to fling combos that can be easily avoided.

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In the Sifu game, you are cast as a young kung fu student to take revenge for your father’s murder. Nevertheless, seeking revenge is a challenging task and even the small achievements demand focus and expertise of the game’s intricate complicated system. Follow the above-mentioned important sifu tips and use sifu skills as per requirement. Lastly, your query would be how long to beat sifu? So, it depends on how good you are as a player. It usually takes 7-10 hours provided you complete the levels at a young age defeating all the sifu bosses.

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