Resident Evil Trailer: Welcome to Raccoon City

Lily Gao, Avan Jogia, Hannah John-Kamen, Robbie Amell, Kaya Scodelario, and Tom Hopper bring back Raccoon City: First trailer Resident evil The veil of mystery that surrounds the first trailer of resident evil movie reboot looks just familiar and the story beats survival horror games will recognize it.

In Raccoon City: First Trailer Resident Evil we witness Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, and Albert Wesker shooting out the zombies to clear their path for the idyllic midwestern city. PS: Director Johannes Roberts has left out Paul W. S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich’s era.

It’s far different from the CGI-heavy and action extravaganza that was depicted in Andreson’s era. Welcome to Raccoon City is something that is more focused on the horror genre leading to explosive acts which is the tradition of the game as well.

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As we proceed forward, we get to see authentic big-screen versions of the series main characters with STARS agents. RPD officers and one muckraker running in the trailer, and it suited them with their costume designs.

As far as Anderson’s first Resident Evil movie attached to a haunted house on the outskirts which is soon to get converted into doom city it clearly wasn’t interested in retelling the feel of the character slowly making his way through an old labyrinth that’s full of hungry zombies.

 Instead, it fastly moves to action to Umbrella’s top-secret underground lab, with Alice falling down a rabbit hole along with a special task force that dies immediately when you enter the Red Queen’s domain.

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In Welcome to Raccoon City, Robert recalls the haunted house-inspired scenes of 1996. As we watch Chris and Jill exploring the mansion, opening rooms welcoming horror. At one point in time, you will witness STARS agents battling their first encounter with blood-thirsty zombies in the same way as it is in the video game.

The blood-thirsty zombies slowly turn their heads towards Chris and Jill as they move into one of the mansion’s dark rooms. The entrance of Claire and Leon means that this reboot is not only joint with its first game but also to its sequel.

In the first trailer of Resident Evil, we see Leon blasting zombies out reaching out to him from a jail cell, with the zombies speeding their way through the station’s gate and crashing through the windows. It will be interesting to watch how the mansion and police stations play out in contrast to each other.


As we notice in the game, Claire and Leon come to the police station after the events leading to a massive zombie outbreak in the city. The Raccoon City: First Trailer Resident Evil gives full vibes of Licker’s version and we will get to witness William Birkin’s transformation into the eye-ball-ridden monstrosity.

With that said, the First Trailer of Resident Evil is excellent and the fans of the first two ps version games will have some Easter eggs in the film. The trailer looks brilliant and faithful as compared to the original games.

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