Rockstar May Release Remasters Of GTA Classics

The rumor of a possible release of GTA Classics has been doing rounds for almost a year now. The players of the action-adventure game expected that Rockstar would come up with a

new title on its 2 decade anniversary and take the industry by storm.

Though, according to recent gossip in the gaming forums and an article published by Kotaku, the celebration is different. The developers are most probably working on remasters of three GTA classics.

They are remodeling GTA Vice City, GTA III. And GTA San Andreas using the Unreal Engine. It appears that these games would come out on platforms like PC.

PS5, Xbox X/S, and Switch by the end of this year marking the birth of the Rockstar Games. This trilogy is the first set of 3D games that can be credited with catapulting Rockstar into the limelight.

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The gaming company has been taking aggressive action. Against mods using assets from these titles which have fired up the publicity for remasters.

A recent statement by Take-Two Interactive to the investors established that they are putting in efforts developing iterations of previously released games.

GTA Classics

Other than compiling them on UE. The makers are also working on bringing in new and old graphic styles together as well as a user interface emphasized instigating nostalgia among players.

These remasters are assigned to Rockstar Dundee and they are concentrated on providing the best experience to veteran game lovers. It will be the first time that the developers won’t be using their proprietary game engine RAGE.

Though the plan was to launch these remasters alongside GTA5 next-gen ports. They would now be coming out as a separate package.

All the adventures, fights, excitement, and fun mixed well into one astonishing bundle. Rockstar has also planned on releasing. The remaster of Red Dead Redemption but depends on the financial performance of the trilogy.

If the market accepts this trilogy wholeheartedly. Then we can expect a number of games made by the studios to pop up again with new mods and UI.

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The release of fans’ favorite trilogy would immensely help bridge the gap between GTA5 and GTA6. It will bring the zeal and vigor which has been absent for a while now back into the fold.

A source who was lucky enough to have seen snippets of these games in action claims that it reminded of a heavily modded version of the titles.

Rockstar GTA Classics

It seems like developers are trying to stay true to PS2-era games. It is time to put on the best gaming headsets and rock to the music on the radio again while traveling through the maps that filled your childhood with great memories.

The entire network of Rockstar studios is pitching in to make this release phenomenal. The classics are the reason they are who they are and thus this will be a tribute to old times.

While there are many speculations running around this development. The only thing that we can confirm is that the games would surely take your breath away.

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GTA Classics gameplay mechanics from test drives seem to be promising and though the plots seem familiar, it’s all just mesmerizing. Hope the pandemic does not cast its spell on this good news and everything goes as planned. The fans are waiting eagerly to relive their childhood as 2021 is ending on a fine note after all.

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