Second Galaxy: Fight In Stars

In Second Galaxy, you’ll discover yourself in an open sci-fi world with thousands of galaxies to explore. Each galaxy houses dark matter, planets, stars, and other surprises and with your ship.

It’s your task to explore them, deal with other players, and more. You can play the job of a merchant, a transporter, bodyguard, and so on — and in the game, you’ll get together and trade with real-world players.

PC and console game players have had their fair divide of sci-fi masterpieces, with some of gaming’s most iconic titles belonging to this kind.

However, sci-fi games are deficient in the same depth and presentation on mobile. This is all about to modify, as technical limitations are no longer a major issue.

And as mobile becomes more widely predictable as a viable hardcore gaming platform. In fact, Second Galaxy’s fully-3D open world has been compared to a relieving or PC game by industry pundits and players alike.

Since it was first proclaimed, editors on both the App Store and Google Play Store have optional it; drawing attention to the huge step this groundbreaking mobile game represents.

On the eve of Second Galaxy’s launch, it’s apparent this is the kind of title gamers have been waiting for. Undeniably, the number of pre-registrations has leaped past one million players.

Second Galaxy 2

Graphically, Second Galaxy is at the apex of mobile gaming. The immensity of deep space effortlessly immerses players in an expansive and seamless universe.

This inestimable playground is yours to explore with your own fleet of fully customizable ships. Indeed, the amount of freedom Second Galaxy grants each player is truly unparalleled.

A player could spend days drifting through the game’s striking constellations; jumping between wormholes, bending past superlative planetary rings, and noticing the last moments of white dwarfs as they burn out.

All of these celestial events can be seen without even tackling the game’s core substance. Once you begin to descend your teeth into Second Galaxy.

The awareness of commanding your very own Titan warship in battle and upgrading it into a battleship is something that must be skilled firsthand to be fully treasured.

The second Galaxy rewards investigation and innovation by placing you at the wheel of a space opera where your actions change the game’s narrative.

Definitely, you have the power to counterfeit your own path in an ever-evolving ecosystem shaped by player interactions.

Much like the intimidating sea of stars surrounding you. The scale of the gameplay possibilities to explore in this game are truly astronomical.

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A Living Ecosystem

Second Galaxy

Second Galaxy’s radical galaxy planning technology pictures a fully-simulated galaxy more than 1,000 light-years in diameter with 4,961 full solar systems to trek around.

Each solar system has its own planets, stars, satellites, wormholes, and other celestial bodies that provoke players to explore this massive open world.

Every stumbles upon with other players can create new events and activate different random missions, thus highlighting the implication of each player in the game’s cosmic ecosystem.

The story is laid down in the future where five rival nations form an intertwining web of allies and enemies, and you must prefer one to side with.

You can also join a corporation; an alliance where players bond and compete for the galaxy’s rarest resources through shrewd negotiations or epic warfare.

The second Galaxy describes neutral trading planets and an underground black market where you can accomplish real-time dynamic transactions; placing the game’s economy in the hands of the troupe. 

A Creative Vision of Future Human Civilization

Three thousand years in the outlook, mankind’s interstellar immigration has prolonged to the Origin realm. Identified as the Second Galaxy, helping as the base-point of the Earthen’s journey to settle the universe.

Five exclusive nations, each with fragile and slanting relations, oblige and clasp each other in check. In the immensity of liberty, diverse civilizations and motives have appeared to alter the visage of history…

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Beautifully Rendered Cosmic Warfare

Second Galaxy Review

Three thousand years into the prospect, like the civilizations of Earth put out to settle the universe. A “Second Galaxy” comes into being. Five rising nations form an interlaced web of allies and enemies. Sharing each other in check, and glowing disagreement that has now developed into an intergalactic combat epic of a really unparalleled scale.

Master Star Gates and Make the Universe 

Distort through Star Gates to trip past time and space. Travel thousands of light-years in an immediate using a system of wormholes to unlock up new space routes and discover mysterious civilizations. Mislaid ruins, and odd celestial phenomena.

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Embark on  United Journey in Seamless Sea of Stars

The second Galaxy permits users around the world to cooperate in an interconnected world where each player shares an identical universe. Penetrate a world where ever-expanding colony wars are fought by players of five chief alliances through assistance and synchronized attacks.

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