How To Complete Sifu All Missions And Defeat Bosses?

Sifu is the most recent Beat ’em up Action exhilarating game from Slocap. In this game, you are the main character and should take revenge on the 5 people who killed your father. To turn into the upcoming Kung-fu master, it is imperative to be thorough with all the game strategies.

The action fighting game has an enthralling aging mechanic which makes your character old with every death. There are main 5 sifu all missions to accomplish the goals and skillfully win the game. Every opponent has a sifu game boss and you should be well-versed with all the game approaches. Let’s understand first how to defeat bosses and how long does it take.

How much time does it take to overcome Sifu?

Sifu is a hugely skill-based game and combating game professionals will be able to finish the game quite fast. On the other hand, inexpert players will take twice the time to overcome Sifu. Generally, it takes 10 hours to hit the 5 major missions while getting 100% completion status would take 15 hours. 

Nevertheless, a player who is well aware of the game would speed pass the complete game in just a few hours. Therefore, be ready to learn and make through the sifu game boss capably.

Sifu Missions List

As stated above, there are 5 major missions in Sifu and they are mentioned below. 

  • The Squats – Fajar, The Botanist.
  • The Club – Sean, The Fighter.
  • The Museum – Kuroki, The Artist.
  • The Tower – Jinfeng, The CEO.
  • The Sanctuary – Yang, The Leader.

Sifu all missions might appear a succinct experience as it has just five levels. These missions are long and when you get hit in the first half as you study the ropes, you will spend much time. Other than that, you are vitalized to replay missions to try and finish the sifu mission list with fewer deaths.

How to defeat every Sifu game boss?

The Squats – Fajar, The Botanist

Sifu: The Squats – Fajar, The Botanist
Fajar (The Botanist)

Stage 1: Stay away from Fajar’s attacks and hit back when he takes a break. He will fling in some trips at this stage but will not rebuke you if you go down.

Stage 2: It’s similar excluding that his blade is out which implies novel combos for you to know how to evade. It’s quite simple to shun the jump attack he uses after he is covered in the brush. Therefore, get in the habit of punishing him while he’s recuperating from the miss.

The Club – Sean, The Fighter

Sifu: The Club – Sean, The Fighter
Sean (The Fighter)

Stage 1: The tempo of Sean’s staff attacks laid me off but after you know the pattern you can circumvent his every activity. Use the three profound attacks when he pauses following a combo.

Stage 2: To crack this sifu mission list, you just need to avoid his attacks. He will barge in with a sweeping trip which you need to learn to identify. As soon as he dashes away, it would be tough to get hold of him with attacks. Putting your dodges can aid but patience is a significant weapon.

The Museum – Kuroki, The Artist

Sifu: The Museum – Kuroki, The Artist.
Kuroki (The Artist)

Stage 1: With the general avoids, dodges can help you out. They keep you protected profoundly.

Stage 2: Kuroki’s second stage is quite simple than the first stage. When she builds distance, duck her daggers by going sideways and then dart when she closely comes to attack. After that, she will hurl a combo but it is not quite difficult to utilize avoids.

The Tower – Jinfeng, The CEO 

Sifu: The Tower – Jinfeng, The CEO
Jinfeng (The CEO)

Stage 1: Jinfeng is analogous to Kuroki. Utilize a blend of dodges and avoid being efficient in attacks. She will wait for a long time after a combo and so you have time to dart in and smash her. Note her poses before the low attacks so that you are ready to leap over them.

Stage 2: In this stage, there are novel sweeping attacks to keep away from. She is complicated but it does not take much effort to pull her off.

The Sanctuary – Yang, The Leader 

Sifu: The Sanctuary – Yang, The Leader 
Yang (The Leader) 

Stage 1: In the last of sifu all missions, focus attacks are not applicable on Yang and there are no effective weapons. Still, take one and hit him to initiate the fight and augment your confidence. Different than other sifu game bosses, Yang performs like a usual foe or as you. You just need to be skillful in how to shun or dodge his combos.

Stage 2: You might be willing to dart around and hang around for him to chuck combos which can be avoided.

Every level initiates at the lowest age when you completed the prior level. After you unlock skills and get well-versed with the mechanics, you will revisit stages so you can thrash them at a young age. For instance, when you primarily defeat the preliminary mission, it will take you till age 30. 

This implies that you will begin the second level at age 30 but it would be better to initiate when you were young. The aged you get, the less health you will hold, and some skills are confined to the particular age limit. Ultimately, you might get so elderly that you will require to restart the level.

The other outstanding feature is the capability to unlock keys which give access to shortcuts in former levels. For example, in the third stage, there is a key that unbolts a door in The Club. Return to The Club, utilize the key and undo a shortcut to clear the level and defeat the game at a young age. 

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The significant story in Sifu comprises of five missions with each mission is for one of the five bosses. The Sifu game anticipates you to knock down bosses with your skills and face every attack. The bosses comprise Fajar- The Botanist, Sean -The Fighter, Kuroki- The Artist, Jinfeng The CEO, and Yang – The Leader. To clear the Sifu all missions, follow all the above-mentioned tactics and hit your boss at a young age. With great practice, try to tick off the sifu mission list and complete the levels in less than 10 hours.

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