Beginner’s Guide: 11 Sifu tips to become the Master

Sifu game challenges you to be an expert in the kung-fu art and take revenge against those who killed your family. The main character holds a magic trinket that revitalizes them after death but every death increases their age. Your objective is to get to the end game before your trinket is out of magic and old age hits you.

As Sifu is one of the tough games, you should be well prepared with all the knowledge. In this guide, we will endow you with 11 Sifu tips and tricks that will aid you to become the master.

Neglect the invulnerable frames

There are some attacks you can free yourself of which make you invincible to other enemies. These are called invulnerability-frames abbreviated as i-frames and you will be ought to take advantage. One of the popular moves that come in this category is the Triangle+ Circle finisher.

This move happens when you hit an opponent’s structure in a sifu game. Moreover, this move tends to abolish your foe and is an efficient way to evade being hit by somebody. Similarly, clasping the circle button on a downward opponent will momentarily provide you i-frames.

Study the combos

One of the most effective Sifu tips and tricks is to button-mash, particularly in the beginning. We suggest being in the pause menu to know what combos you have at your end. Few like the Square+ X directional Throw can be priceless during battle, but you will never know if you don’t check the list of combos. Go through the supplementary combos which you can unleash from the skill tree.

Block, dodge, and dart

You cannot involve with many opponents by just striking them. If you do so, you will be dodged, blocked, and darted. In its place, study to merge your attacks with a powerful defense.

Particularly, we recommend occasionally tapping the block button with an attack to dodge an enemy. Despite your attack timing is not sufficient to get the dodge, blocking an enemy increases their structure. This is quite important as it creates a depletion on their health.

Working of structure system

Let’s discuss the structure system of the sifu game as it is generally ignored. Whenever you block an attack, the bar on the bottom of your screen increases. This is known as the structure bar and when it is filled maximum you will be left open for astounding attacks.

Opponents have a structured meter and if you dodge or block their attacks, it will initiate filling. Use this sifu tip and trick specifically on an enemy who is difficult to smash upon. With these enemies, it is apt to block their attack, fill the structure meter, and make a fatal hit on your own.

Back off to recover structure during boss fights

On the theme of structure, we suggest you keep your structure meter low. One thing you must do is to draw back during combat so it lowers back down. If you do not gallop or hit, your structure meter will eventually go down. Utilize the environment as cover to recoup your structure.

Try to begin every combat with a weapon

Even though sifu is a kung-fu game that emphasizes face-to-face battle, you can also employ weapons. There are items like staves, bats, swords, sticks, and pipes that are spread in every stage. You can often initiate several encounters with just a weapon if you know to play well.

Move back to an area to recover a metal bat before moving to the subsequent section. Also, search around the room to ensure you have gathered a pipe that can aid you with the fight. You can consider weapons for boss fights and increase their sturdiness in case they break.

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Give priority to maximizing the weapon’s toughness when you are young

In this significant sifu tip and trick, it is necessary to enhance the armament to master the game art. Every level comprises shrines that are depicted by little green dragon statues. These shrines entail stat boosts like an amplified structure with focus bars.

You can earn more Focus as soon as you get a thriving parry or dodge. Nevertheless, some boosts are locked for particular age ranges and one of the grants gives supplementary weapon sturdiness. It can be used only if your sifu is 25 or young and so ensure to fall in this category primarily.


Attain levels to produce XP and everlasting unlocked skills

We suggest revisiting levels once you are comfy with the game’s battle and unlock your capabilities. Particularly with the early levels, you can make it by increasing your combo meter to a great extent. Carry out unless you have sufficient XP to enduringly unleash capability from the skill tree.

Don’t forget that you should obtain a move several times before it gets unlocked permanently. For example, the Charged Backfist move is priced at 1000 XP to unlock it once. However, it will charge an extra 5000 XP(5*1000 XP) to unlock it permanently.

Shortcuts are convenient

When you play the sifu game, you will come to know about shortcut keys in that level or prior levels. All levels have a shortcut that lets you get hold of the boss from a primary section in the stage. Thus, we suggest playing the level again to conclude it with a low-age counter.

Don’t overlook using Focus attacks

Focus is an aptitude that enables you to hold back time to unlock a non-blockable attack and provides you i-frames. There is a focus meter on the bottom right side of the screen and should be filled for usage. You can bestow yourself more focus bars by advancing this capability at shrines. Especially, during bosses, focus attacks are important as they are pertinent to damage and they are taken aback after the attack.

Utilize the cloud to maneuver saves

Every time you pass away, Sifu immediately generates a save implying that you cannot unleash the death that happened. Nonetheless, there is a feature you can utilize and it includes cloud saves. Upload your save to the cloud before you face a tough boss or opponent. 

After that, if you don’t survive or the battle does not happen smoothly, just close the game. Download the save from the cloud which puts you back at the launch of the fight.

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In the sifu game, even the small accomplishments need focus and proficiency to beat the battle. To hit the game, your dedication should be great like learning authentic martial art. The above 11 Sifu tips and tricks are the aptest way to remain dynamic on your revenge voyage. 

You must comprehend about blocking mechanism and apply the techniques needed to deal with the opponents. Just hitting the attack buttons won’t be sufficient to survive the combat and turn down your foe who murdered your family.

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