How to defeat Sean The fighter- Second Boss in the Sifu game?

Sifu is hitting pretty ground-breaking reviews comprising a critic average of 80 and 81% recommendation on Opencritic. Though there is much to commend, such as its art style, it can be challenging to beat. After you have successfully cleared the basics of Sifu, the game tests you by making you encounter vicious bosses.  

Sean – The Fighter is the second boss in this exhilarating game and hangs around at the club level. However, overcoming Sean and the Club at the age of 70 is not beneficial. Let’s go through the below-mentioned tips for the players to defeat Sean.

Sifu: Basic Tips to surpass the club level

To manage age and smash Sifu, players should complete The Club at the age of 35. Players must repeat The Club to be around this limit. The following things must be well-thought-out for The Cub level gameplay:

  • Do not fret for defeating The Club unless players succeed in unlocking the Disciple’s pass from sean’s Disciple. This will facilitate to manage more aptly.
  • Players must put great efforts to not die after overcoming the First Dancer. This will result in lowering their death counter and help finish the level.
  • Weapon sturdiness – Age eligibility of 24 or less must have skills to be chosen from Sifu’s holy place.
  • Carry a weapon always- When you enter the room of the second shrine where the enemy is stretching, there is a secret bat in the corner. Take the staff from the introduction to Sean.
How to get ready to fight against Sean?

How to get ready to fight against Sean?

After players reach Sean, thrashing every person, they will be at a small dojang. Players must save themselves from purchasing the Death Counter reset the item. Regardless of how good players fight against Sean, they will probably lose, so entering with zero deaths is helpful.

If they have come this far in a Sifu run with merely one death, buy another skill. If there are more than two, it is recommended to select this option. After that, there is Sean, the fighter, and you have to reflect on your skills to defeat him.

Phase One- How to hit Sean The Fighter?

Phase One- How to hit Sean The Fighter? sifu

The ultimate boss has two stages, as mostly the bosses in Sifu have. The first stage will be carried out in the small dojang. If players do not have a staff, they must gallop and snatch one after they are in the room with Sean.

Sean is powerful and tough to defeat, but he has a particular pattern through which players will make their strategy. Players must be self-protective in the fight and not be aggressive beside Sean. In its place, players must clasp their Block button and hang around for their combos.

There are two basic combos: one with a vertical downward stroke and a three-part combo with a robust overhead spin of his staff. The vertical downward strike combo is difficult to envisage, but ducking is the apt choice. At times, ducking is sufficient for the attack, but players should be aware of the combo.

It is suitable to dodge back for his spinning combos as per Sean’s charges. It will be a pattern of evading his charge compared to dodging downward thrice. The main thing is blocking and using the directional keys – L1 and Left stick.

After his huge spin attack, players can score quite a simple combo, concentrating on powerful attacks. If players utilize a staff, they can sweep him through a triangle on PS5. This will add on damage, and recurring dodging and attack combo is sufficient to defeat Sean’s first phase.

The other thing to consider is to focus on attacks. Players must incorporate the Sweep focus attack in Sean’s first phase and quickly score bonus damage.

Phase Second- How to hit Sean The Fighter?

Phase Second- How to hit Sean The Fighter?

For the second phase, players will mostly lose their weapons soon. This implies that players will face Sean without any weapon, and therefore players should concentrate more in the second phase. The main pattern to defeat Sean is similar- dart his combos, duck the huge spin attack, and give a powerful combo.

The issue is that Sean will barge in a low-sweeping attack. Thus, players must avoid it by dodging up, but Sean will score high. Players must not fret if they cannot manage the impulsive nature of the strike as they can dodge or block Sean’s attacks.

Tolerance power is foremost in Sifu’s battle and an essential factor to defeat Sean in both phases. Players must look for the pole twirl combo and then manage the damage. They must observe Sean’s health meter, and at half-health, he will be more violent and catch fire.

It’s suggested that players utilize their focus attacks to brush away Sean and obtain additional damage. They should persist in observing the low attack and hanging around for the end of Sean’s massive combos. Sean will move forward, conduct 1-2 attacks, back up, move forward, and repeat this in this mode.

Regardless of Sean’s pressure, players must be focused on dodging, waiting for the combo’s end, and beating when Sean opens himself. Ultimately, players will create an impact on his health unless he’s beaten up. Sifu is accessible now on PC and PS5.

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It might take a few trials, and players will die many times due to Sifu‘s difficulty level. But once they identify Sean’s attack patterns and combat systems, he is a lot easy to defeat than it appears. The trick to beat any Sifu boss comes with being aware of dodge, evade, and counterattack.

This aids to know when the boss is susceptible to attack as a second can create a disparity between triumph and failure. Keep using the Strong Sweep and follow the patterns tolerantly. Players must plan to defeat Sean at less than 35 age and be ready for the subsequent Sifu level: The museum.

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