Sifu Game Review-Intense Kung-fu Combat

Sifu is a 3rd-person action game. It features intense Kung-fu combat. You, as a student, are on a hunt to find the assassins of your master to seek revenge.

Sifu is a very thoughtful game with streamlined gameplay mechanics. The game is developed and published by Sloclap, who is known for making combat games. To find out more about this fast-paced, mind-blowing action sequence, keep on reading this sifu game review. 

The storyline of Sifu

According to the sifu game review, like every other martial art story, Sifu begins with murder as well. You witness your father and your martial arts master getting killed in the prologue. The prologue itself is satisfactory and informative to watch.

After eight years, you decide to avenge your father’s five killers. The storyline is very simple yet executed poignantly. In the beginning, you’re not given much information about the murderers but as the story grows, you get to investigate and collect more clues or pieces of evidence against them.

All the new information is connected to a detective board. The main character’s quest for vengeance can also unlock doors on different levels.

Martial arts in Sifu

As per this sifu game review, Sifu’s martial arts combat is one of the best-known combats. The animation is smooth. You can see every hit land with a hearable bone-crunching sound.

The camera, however, may get squished sometimes and block visibility but that’s the only fault in combat. Every counter looks natural irrespective of the angle of attack or type of strike. Combat skills are mechanically and visually impressive.

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Sifu uses a 2-button attack combo system. There are two attack buttons that you can use for various combos. Each button has its own specific function such as guarding button for block, a vaulting button, a button to pick up or throw weapons, etc.

All these buttons are tied to a focus meter according to this sifu game review. Sifu has a popular “beat-em-up” Combat. Sifu allows you to hurt your enemies mercilessly by throwing them down the stairs/barricades, instant kills, weapons kicking up directly into the thug’s face, and all kinds of contextual takedowns.

The fights are seamless, strategic, and very realistic. Some fights may seem impossible to win but as you explore your surrounding, you can find several opportunities to make it through them. What adds to the fun of these fights are Sifu’s realistic and extremely satisfying sound effects.

Sifu’s Defense mechanism

According to the sifu game review, the enemies are brutally aggressive. They leap in punches with full force, surround you, toss bottles across the room, try to smash you with an ax kick, and put a really tough fight in each level. Their attacks can be predictable but still equally dangerous.

Hence, Sifu provides you with a great self-defense mechanism. As per the sifu game review, ‘structure meter’ keeps checking on your number of blocks, hits, attacks, etc. If you block too many hits, the structure meter is most likely to break and get you in trouble.

To avoid that, you are advised to sway out of the way. This way, you can counterattack. You can also use a Parry. Parries stop the opponent’s combo dead in track but they need practice and precision.

Death in Sifu

In Sifu, you may die along with your quest. Sifu deals with death differently. A magical talisman revives you from the same place you died. Whenever you are revived, you ought to continue fighting immediately.

You, however, will be aged up by the number of years your current death counter is at. Every time you die, your age will increase and so will your dying chances at a fight. As per this sifu game review, every time you age 10 years, your maximum health shrinks.

Your body becomes weaker but your mind becomes sharper and more experienced. Once you reach 70 years of age, the magic disappears and you get sudden death (game over).

How many levels are in Sifu?

How many levels are in Sifu?

Sifu has five main levels for you to explore. The levels may seem less in comparison to other games but they are highly informative. Each level consists of a segment of the main plot. So the correct answer for “How many levels are in Sifu?” will be five.

You go into 5 different areas with 5 different sifu game bosses. The bosses are:-

  • Fajar (the botanist)
  • Sean (the fighter)
  • Kuroki (the artist)
  • Jinfeng (the CEO)
  • Yang (the leader)

You have to replay levels of Sifu so you can master them. Repetitively playing the same levels with the same weapons, same enemies or same bosses may get boring but the game requires you to master every level before you move ahead. According to the sifu game review, layers do not seem to mind the tiring repetition due to the creative style it’s presented in.

You can avoid repetition by using shortcuts. These shortcuts unlock doors to playthroughs.

Skillset in Sifu

According to this sifu game review, you need to specialize in all the skills you first started with. These include some basic combos, a grab against enemies that allows you to perform two quick strikes and back them up on their feet, a sweep to knock down your foes, a push to shove people out of your way, and a special eye-poking focus attack. Every time you die, you get a chance to add a new situational skill to your skill bill such as a counterattack to use while on the ground or ducking a strike and hitting the enemy in his crotch instead.

Your skillset reaches zero whenever the game is over. You can make your skill permanent if you buy the same skill six times but other than that, your skills will be lost. As per the sifu game review, the decision of choosing between doubling the power of your previously owned skill and buying a new skill to explore more is hard to make. The players have to choose wisely.

How long is Sifu game?

How long is Sifu game?

Sifu is not a very long game. All 5 levels can be completed in a few hours. According to this sifu game review, it takes roughly 10 hours to complete the whole game.

But the question “How long is the Sifu game?” was asked to a fairly good player, they’d say it can be completed in 7-8 hours as well.

Sifu game review at a glance

Platforms availablePC, PS 4, PS 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S,
Overall rating: 4/5 


  • Great delivery style – 5/5 Stars
  • Brutal challenge – 4/5 Stars
  • Satisfying defense options – 4.5/5 Stars
  • Seamless animation – 5/5 Stars
  • Great sound effects – 5/5 Stars

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  • Sifu’s ability-purchase system is a little faulty – 2/5 Stars
  • Temporary barriers in the vision during a fight – 1/5 Stars


Sifu is a game that allows you to learn from your mistakes, unlock and master new skills, and find the strength to use the techniques of Pak-Mei Kung-Fu to fulfill your motive. As per this sifu game review, Sifu is an enjoyable game. Sifu game shows aggressiveness in the most elegant way possible.

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