Marvel’s Wolverine: Will It Launches Soon On PS5?

Currently, Marvel’s Wolverine is in its development stage from Insomniac games. It was announced during Sony’s PS Showcase 2021 that Marvel’s Wolverine will be exclusively available on PS5  focuses on the grizzly, adamantium-clawed Mutant James ‘Logan’ Howlett.

According to the trailer, the game seems to be bloodier and potentially more mature than its Spider-Man offerings. 

marvel's Wolverine for PS5
Marvel’s Wolverine for PS5

Marvel’s Wolverine release date on PS5

The Wolverine game is scheduled to be released in 2023 on PS5. Yet the developers have not specified the exact date at this stage. But as soon as we know, we’ll update you about precise release date details.

Can I  pre-purchase the Wolverine PS5 game?

Currently pre-purchase is not available for the Wolverine PS5 game. Whenever the price and pre-order will be available for the game we’ll update you as soon as possible. 

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On Which consoles and platforms can I play the Wolverine game?

The Wolverine game will be exclusively available on Sony’s PS5 console. Because the Wolverine game is in its developing stage by Sony owns development company: Insomniac Games.

The Wolverine game will not be available on Nintendo Switch or Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.It is quite expected that Marvel’s Wolverine will not be available on non-Sony consoles.

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PS Showcase 2021

The teaser shows a destroyed bar with an injured man. His surrounding area is filled with blood. In the background, we saw an injured man pulling out a knife. Sensing the attacker at the bar first, firstly the man clenches resulting in long metallic claws. Yeah, this is Wolverine!

You can check out the teaser directly from here. Currently only this much is information available regarding Marvel’s Wolverine game. Stay tuned for more latest updates.

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